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Security Subscription Options


Palo Alto NetworksWildfire

The WildFire subscription provides integrated protection from advanced malware and threats. WildFire adds the increasingly important ability to proactively identify and block unknown threats such as custom or polymorphic malware, which are commonly used in modern cyberattacks.

The subscription provides you with following advanced capabilities:

WildFire signature feed – receive new malware protections every 30 minutes covering newly discovered malware identified by WildFire.
Integrated WildFire logs – logs automatically delivered to the firewall including analysis verdicts for all analysed files and malware.
WildFire API – Enables you to programmatically submit files to WildFire, as well as take advantage of WildFire integration with Bit9 and Mandiant solutions.


Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect

GlobalProtect delivers consistent security to users in all locations. It may be deployed in many different scenarios for extending the protection of your next-generation firewall to endpoints both within and outside of the organisation. With a GlobalProtect gateway subscription, you can apply the state of the endpoint device as part of the context for security policy using the Host Information Profile (HIP). In addition, users with mobile devices can use GlobalProtect apps for iOS and Android to connect to the next-generation firewall.

The GlobalProtect Portal license extends the range of coverage by enabling you to deploy GlobalProtect gateways in a greater number of configurations. For example, with a Portal license, you can deploy multiple external gateways in order to support users in different geographies. In addition, with the Portal license, gateways may also be deployed internally to protect local and wireless networks.

URL Filtering

Palo Alto Networks URL Filtering

URL filtering is enabled through an annual subscription that provides you with a URL filtering database that controls web activity based on users through URL category level controls, or through customisable white- and black-lists. The URL filtering subscription is not bound by any user limitations, which provides you with greater flexibility in terms of growth and more predictable operational expenses. The URL filtering subscription includes continual updates to the URL filtering database, as well as problem resolution.

Threat Prevention

Palo Alto Networks Threat Prevention

The Threat Prevention subscription adds integrated protection from a variety of network-borne threats including exploits, malware, dangerous files, and content. This powerful subscription includes NSS recommended IPS functionality, stream-based blocking of millions of known malware samples, protection from spyware, command-and-control traffic, and a variety of hacking tools.

The Threat Prevention subscription even goes beyond simply blocking malicious content to include the control of specific file types by policy, as well as inspecting traffic for specific content to prevent data loss. As a result, this critical subscription not only provides you with critical protection from threats, but also gives you important additional policy controls that keep your network secure.

Support Services Options

Standard Support

Standard Support

Standard customer support and maintenance provides customers with baseline services for maintaining the next-generation firewall. This option includes the following features:

  • New Releases, Product Updates, and Patches: Provides the latest product innovations and bug fixes.
  • Updated Threat Databases: App-ID, URL, vulnerability, and GlobalProtect gateway updates are available for automatic or manual download to your firewalls
  • Online Customer Support Portal: A feature rich platform providing access to product documentation, problem resolution databases, peer-to-peer social interaction, and customer support case management
  • Business Hour Assisted Support: Get access to support engineers for help during normal business hours
  • Hardware Return then Replace Coverage: In the event of hardware failure, return the failed equipment and receive a replacement

Premium Support

Premium Support

Organisations choose premium customer support and maintenance for faster assistance and increased support engineer availability for the most critical issues. This option includes the following features:

  • All Elements of Standard Customer Support and Maintenance are included with this option
  • 24×7 Access to Technical Assistance Centers: Support engineers are available to assist with issues around the clock.
  • Priority Response to Support Inquiries:Whether submitted by phone or online, premium support customers receive priority access to available customer support engineers.
  • Next Business Day Ship Parts and Hardware Replacement: Provides fast turnaround for hardware replacement. For an additional fee, RMA and Hardware Replacement services can be upgraded to 4 Hour Ship, or On Site Spares for immediate replacement of failed hardware.
  • Technical Account Management (Optional):Subscription-based extension of the Premium Support program that provides dedicated customer advocacy for enterprises with unique or complex support requirements. The technical account manager will be familiar with the customer’s specific implementation, acting as a bi-directional communications conduit between Palo Alto Networks and the customer.